Sustainable Ischia Hotels

The “Hotel Villa Durrueli” work in the hospitality industry since 2000, a period in which took over the management of the homonymous hotel. The company has always been attentive to customer satisfaction and environmental issues, has implemented an Integrated Management System and Environmental Quality (SEQ), and documented in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 , to give visibility to the market about the way of operating. The SEQ provides its application to all business activities, encouraging any action aimed at protecting the environment and health of human resources, and the continuous improvement of services provided. To this end, the Department identifies and activates the necessary resources for delivery, implementation and maintenance of the SEQ. The fulfillment of the requirements of quality and environmental services is assured throughout the whole of the activities described in the documents of the system: * Environment and Quality Manual; * Procedures (and related forms); The SEQ is therefore the instrument through which the company expressed its concern for the environment and customer satisfaction: in this perspective, the Department is committed: * To comply with legislation and regulation, environmental and not, applicable in the company; * To undertake actions aimed at continuous improvement, in addition to legal requirements, environmental performance and effectiveness of the organization’s business management system; * Assess the environmental impacts in advance of all new businesses and all new products and processes; * Evaluate investments and the related plant, machinery and equipment, considering, in addition to financial aspects, including environmental and safety aspects; * Manage the structure carefully and use the materials in a rational manner; * Prevent, control and reduce emissions where possible pollutants in the environment and the production of waste; * Use products and materials with the least possible impact on the environment, inform all the people who work for the organization of potential dangers related to productive activities and train them adequately for the prevention of risks; * Promote the involvement of employees in the process of continuous improvement in environmental performance; * Raise awareness among suppliers to adopt environmental procedures and quality equivalent to those of the organization; * Cooperate with public authorities in dealing with potential emergency situations in order to minimize impacts on the environment; * Take into account the demands of citizens, social organizations and unions, employees and the demands of authority; * Make the control of the process of service delivery, defined as constant monitoring of the activities described in the procedures; * Use the feedback from the customer to verify the satisfaction of the same; * Enhance internal resources; All employees for the areas under its jurisdiction have the task of monitoring and periodically verify compliance with these commitments.