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Hotel in Ischia with wellness packages

Our hotel in Ischia offers a wide variety of wellness packages that can also be purchased separately for the stay. There are many gift ideas available, caskets that include treatments and wellness packages, also customized according to your wishes. Scroll down the page and you will find some examples of treatments and wellness packages.

The immediate benefits of radio frequency

Effective for smoothing and reducing the depth of wrinkles, increasing skin turgor, functional improvement of muscle tissue, increasing tissue oxygenation. Some examples of packages:

  • body peeling + lipolytic treatment + radiofrequency (duration of the treatment 1h and 40 min) € 125
  • stem cells + radiofrequency facial treatment (duration of treatment 1h and 25 min) € 85
  • smoothing lifting effect for a male face + radiofrequency (duration of treatment 1h) € 80

Oxygen: Elixir of beauty

REVO is an innovative technology, designed for skin rejuvenation thanks to the combined action of oxygen and cosmetic solutions. Get an increase in cellular metabolism by increasing blood microcirculation; thus the skin recovers brightness, elasticity and softness.

  • REVO2 treatment base: (30min) € 30
  • Dermo-purifying-soothing treatment (1h) € 60
  • Revitalizing-moisturizing treatment (1h) € 60
  • Regenerating treatment (1h) € 70
  • MIOOXIN + REVO2 treatment (1h and 15min) € 80

The New anti-aging professional revitalizing treatment

MIOOXIN (1H)           € 70,00

Miooxin is the new anti-aging professional treatment to strongly act on the appearance of the face skin, revitalizing it depth and reducing the signs of aging. Miooxin products act in a synergic way under two aspects :

  • the first aspect acts on the expression wrinkles, caused by movements of the face muscles, through the combination of two muscle relaxant peptides which act like the Botulinum toxin
  • the second aspect promotes an increase in skin oxygenation through a biotech offshoot from Saccharomyces lysat; this help the cell turn over and leave skin brighter and younger